Film Suggestions

    From time to time, members of our film club suggest films to watch during the coming season. Unfortunately I cannot remember the names of all films mentioned and I don't carry a pen nor paper around with me. This web page has been created to, hopefully, help deal with this.

    This is your chance to suggest a film for the coming or following season

    Any requests will be considered. They must fit into; the film club's suitability for the audience, one of the criteria slots (British film, animation, action/adventure, drama/historical drama, biography or comedy/romance), should have been made in the last year and be available on either Blu-ray or DVD format.

    The button is currently not active

    The link will only be active for a short period during the year to prevent too many suggestions being made.

    Click the link, fill in the form, click the 'send request' button and your request will be recorded. You can also see those requests made by others vote to include it in next seasons' film list.

    PLEASE NOTE: This page and form are a beta version. In other words, it is in its testing stage at the moment, so there may be changes over time as the need requires. I've also included a suggestion area on the form for any improvements you think should be made.


    Ian Mayor

    Volunteer, projectionist, club chairman and technician

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