How It All Began

    The film club began back in 2010 to response to the prior closure of the Regal Cinema in Northwich (2007). At that time the nearest cinemas were Warrington, Runcorn and Knutsford, and it was difficult getting to these cinemas if you did not have a car. Weaverham Community Centre had also enlarged its premises by adding an extension (2009) and wanted to make more use of these facilities, The centre provided an ideal central location with easy access for the film club.

    There was interest shown about the idea, enough to consider trying it out on a temperary basis. However, the centre did not have the correct equipment. A request to the local council provide the means to purchase a video projector, a Blu-Ray disc player and a large electric screen. Not only could they use it for the cinema but for special events such as showing live a Royal wedding, a local film premier and for the regular children's clubs.

    The equipment needed installing and help was required operating it. A short column in the local paper caught the eye of Ian Mayor, a local professional specialist in audio video installations and operating AV equipment, who not only helped with the installation of the screen and cable routine, but decided to stay on with the project to operate the equipment during film nights. The next step was the license. Frodsham Film Society had been going fo a few years and were invaluable with their advice deciding which licence we should get, Rather getting a pay per view lisence we opted for the membership version. This also gave the centre the ability to show films at other times of the year without additional expence.

    So with everything in place, October 2010, people in the village were invited to come and see a film free of charge. Our first film to be shown. The film was.... (I've got to look it up and add it, sorry).

    Since this time the equipment has been though a few changes. Graham Tortoiseshell kindly donated two very large speakers to the centre. A great benetfit to the sound system! On one occasion the audio amplifier decided die. A replacement was found when Manchester Metropolitan University were upgrading their classroom and lecture theatre equipment and kindly donated one to us.

    To be continued....