Well Done to Caitlin Moss. So far in October 2011, she has won 5 gold and 1 silver.
    This has given her the women's Junior Class 11  B tittle for 2011.
    A big Well Done to her!

    • Gymnasts are required to wear either a leotard or shorts and 'T' shirt.
    • No foot wear is needed unless for medical reasons.
    • Any medical conditions should be noted on the form and relayed to the head coach or secretary.
    • The Weverham Gymnastics Club is a registered British Gymnastics club. All gymnasts are required to join British Gymnastics after their 3rd visit.
    • We have acquired some foam shapes and a set of rings to help gymnasts.

     Contact Details : - Telephone Number 01606 854088
    E-mail Address: weaverhamcentre@aol.com
    Welfare Officer E-Mail: michelle.palfreyman@hotmail.com
    Classes Available : Tuesdays

    5.30 - 6.30 pm - ages approx 4 - 7
    6.30 - 7.30 pm - ages approx 7 – 12

    Please note: 2 hourly sessions are by invitation only 

    Club Rules

    • Earrings/piercings to be removed or covered with plasters   
    • Hair is to be tied back if long enough to do so, bunches are better than a high ponytail. 
    • Clothing must be suitable - trousers not too long or baggy and tops should not have hoods 
    • Unsuitable language or bullying will not be tolerated
    • Arrive 5 minutes before your session
    • Gymnasts are to be collected promptly at end of classes
    • Any illness or medical condition must be on the information sheet.
    • Any new illness or medical condition should be added to the information sheet, a coach or club official should also be informed before the session starts.
    • Any changes of contact details to be advised ASAP
    • Please note that British Gymnastic Rules apply to this club – full rules on club notice- board
    • After the 2nd session British Gymnastics membership must be taken out, details can be found on the club notice board
    • The cost is £5.00 for an hour session, 2 hours if asked too by the head coach.

    Committee Members

    Club Chairman: Niall Philips
    Club Secretary:
    John Freeman
    Head Coach:
    Charlie Oakes
    Club Coach:
    Debbie Sargent
    Club Coach:
    Niall Phillips
    Coach L1:  
     Coaching Assistant:
    Nichole Sargent
    Molly Johnson
    Laura Phillips
     Welfare Officers:
     Michelle Palfreyman, Stuart Garrett 
     Eileen Bland


    A picture of our float in the 2010 Weaverham Carnival.